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styled and photographed x napua camarillo

When we met Brie after the Big D And The Kids Table show in Honolulu we had to, and I mean, HAD TO, shoot her.  She is the lead singer, Dave McWane’s, girlfriend of 5 years (an anniversary they shared here in Hawaii).  She just had a presence about her.  The great thing about Brie is that she’s game for anything and she’s pretty hard to take your eyes off of and a woman who has those kind of looks but is still humble is a rare gem.  Once I put her shoot together my girls wondered what it was like to be the girlfriend of a rockstar..  So, we asked.  And she answered!

How did you and D meet?
Dave and I met in a kind of random way. I had been a Big D and the Kids Table fan for quite some time. I even earned my first battle scar in the pit at a Big D show when I was 17. (Not as cool as it sounds, I suffered a heat stroke and hit my head.) In 2009, Big D released Fluent in Stroll, I loved every song on that record. I can’t remember when or how Dave and I became friends on Facebook but Dave eventually came across my page in search for a lead for the music video “We Can Live Anywhere”. He messaged me asking if I would be interested, I answered “where and when?!” 
After some back in forth messaging he mentioned one of their backup singers, also known as “The Doped Up Dollies”, could not do the US tour that Fall and asked if I could sing. I had never sung a note before in front of an audience but I knew I could do it. One of my best friends told me “When someone asks if you’re a god, you say yes.” So I went and tried out and had a great time. Everyone in the band was so relaxed and nice. 
I shot the music video with Dave shortly after that. He really made me feel comfortable in an awkward situation. We didn’t know each other and here we are holding hands and hugging like a couple. We made each other laugh the whole time to lighten the awkwardness. Soon after filming the video, I ended up touring with them. With getting to know each other better and late night talks in the van, Dave and I just started to naturally hang out. Most of the band figured something was up with us before we even fancied the thought of dating. We just enjoyed each other’s company and we haven’t stopped since then. We are the absolute definition of two peas in a pod.



What gets you through long times away from Dave when he’s touring?

Keeping myself busy helps me get through Dave’s long tours. I usually get into a book or two or paint. I also work a lot and am currently in school majoring in Early Childhood Education. It helps I have our two cats, Drexel and Tsunami, to keep me company. We’re pretty in love with our cats.
What’s something funny that Dave does.. a little quirk he has?
Dave is hilarious to begin with. He makes me laugh all day long. One of the things I love is he makes little songs for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Whether he’s feeding the cats, showering, or just hanging out, he is constantly spitting out little ditties. It’s rubbing off on me now so there’s always some sort of singing happening in our home.
Tell us a funny tour story.

One of my favorite tour memories was in Virginia Beach after a show at the original Jewish Mother. Sirae Richardson (my fellow Doped Up Dolly), Dave, Ryan O’Connor ( Saxophone master), my friend from home, Mike, and I decided to go swimming in the hotel pool. We are just getting into the pool when there’s a woman, probably in her 50’s, knocking on the window to be let in from outside. Mike let her in thinking she was a hotel patron who forgot her key. She follows him to the pool area where we are and asks if she can swim. She is heavily heavily intoxicated. We were a little weirded out but she can swim if she wants to, whatever. Without another word she completely undresses! After trying to sit on Mike’s lap, she climbs into the pool swimming towards the guys, Ryan, in particular, and keeps repeating “I don’t know where my husband is.” At that point we were all ready to leave the pool. We notified the security guard who the next day told us her hotel was three hotels down from ours and got lost after leaving the bar. It was pretty funny.


Have you ever had an encounter with any fanatic bitches?  And how did you deal with it?  
Actually, Big D fans are wonderful. There was a time I was doing merch and this little tiny thing asked Dave to sign an area of skin that was below the belt saying she was going to get it tattooed showing him all her other autograph tattoos. Dave wouldn’t have done it anyway, she looked like a baby, but he replied “I don’t think my girlfriend would appreciate that,” looking over at me. She looked at me like I was the scum of the earth. Her friend asked later her if she got Dave to sign her and she said something about “stupid f**king girlfriend blah blah” rolling her eyes. I just ignore it. Dave and I have a pretty good understanding about his job and fans are a huge part of that life and sometimes stuff like this happens. 

You’ve done a fair amount of touring with Bid D where was one of the most surprising of places you’ve been to?

Hawaii! Hawaii is the most breathtaking place I’ve been to so far in my life. I’m a huge lover of trees and the trees here are so beautiful. I’ve also been to London with them playing a sold out show with Reel Big Fish at Koko’s Lounge. That was my first big show performing in front of 1,800+ people. It was wild!
The band calls you “Sweet Brie” tell us the story behind that.
Haha… I was knighted with the name Sweet Brie because back when I was a spring chicken at 21, we toured with a band named Ill Scarlett (love you guys!). Every night they would bring us tequila shots on stage and we didn’t really have a choice but take them. By the end of the night I would become “Sweet Brie” with a sharp tongue and the comedic slapstick of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia character Sweet Dee. Usually after the show the quote “ahh Sweet Brie is here!” is heard preceded by a smart mouthed insult given by yours truly.
What’s your favorite Big D song and why?
My favorite Big D song… Oh man, that’s a tough one. I have a lot. Some of my very favorites are “Digging in Your Nails” because it stylistically sounds a lot like a Melt Banana song and they’re awesome. I have to say “Girls Against Drunk Bitches” too because I love performing it with the guys! I love being a Doped Up Dolly, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about screaming your lungs out into a mic that I just can’t get enough of.