Music “The Snow Queen” by Kevin MacLeod

It’s always fascinating to me the process of each artist.  That’s a lot of the reason why I and so many others enjoy live art shows like Pow Wow and many of the Art Basels all over the world.

In this case, however, we take a quick glimpse into the process of Robert Dejesus, an accomplished artist who’s done work for Antarctic Press, Dark Horse, Marvel, Radio Comix, HarperCollins, and Wayforward.  He’s probably most well known for designing and drawing Banzai Chibi Chan for PlayStation Magazine every month between 1998-’00.  He’s been featured on various art blogs for doing portraits of strangers as anime characters.

Welcome to the world of Robert DeJesus.

Check him out on these various sites:

Youtube – How I Draw
Youtube – Banzchan