MAY 1st marks the first month of our Hot Girl Of The Month series featuring random girls we want to highlight for not only being hot but being rad!! Meet our first girl, Stephanie.  She’s a drink slanger, tattoo obsessed and often one of the boys.  Tonight, however, we brought out her girly side and we’re diggin on it.


Originally from Los Angeles, Steph has been a Hawaii transplant for 7 years.  Steph likes to eat!,  has a deep appreciation for honesty, and operas.  She reads fantasy novels in her spare time and her hands down favorite band is System of a Down.  If you’re ever in the Honolulu area and need a drink, go to Bar35 on Hotel and slurp down a beer with her!!  And don’t forget to tip your bartender, chump!


photography x peter willis

hair and make up x candice anderson IG @candice_anderson

styled x jasmine mancos: IG @Jasmancos


all wardrobe x f21

(except flower robe and shoes which are the models own)