hot girl stamp


Hot girl of the month returns this March with the beautiful and awesome, Karissa.  Yeah, yeah, we took an extra long hiatus on the subject but now we’re baaaaaaaaack.  SO check out the loveliness that is Karissa and stay tuned for next month’s HGOTM. Click through the gallery.





This is Karissa. She’s a Canuck, ey, but she was raised in Hawaii.  And there’s definitely that something about her.  Vegetarian for half of her life this La Pietra grad grew up the only girl amongst 5 bros.  Watch out potential mates, better treat this girl right, or else!  Karissa is a natural beauty who loves dancing and minature potbelly pigs which she says is the key to her heart.. she’s fond of a grand gesture and founded the first Hawaii Slut Walk, which is a movement against slut shaming and victim blaming– but that’s a whole other article.. stay tuned.