Sure she’s a pretty face but is she’s oh so much more than that besides being a total veteran to the modeling world she’s also a stunt woman. And sorry fellas, we recently discovered she got hitched to friend of The Manifold and fellow Shitty Kid Mikey Albert! Congrats babes! Read on as she tells us s’more about her.


  1. I’ve studied Kung Fu for years and perform at weddings and  birthdays as a lion dancer with my clan
  2. Ive danced ballet since I was four years old. In the Nicki Minaj music video “Starships” I am in I actually choreographed the movements that the models were doing up the ramp.
  3. I’m really good at teaching first timers how to wakeboard. I used to have the fattest crush on Kramer from Seinfeld when I was a small child.
  4. I absolutely hate pastries.
  5. No one knows this but I think my bf is way hotter than Slash and that says something! Slash is King but now he’s been dethroned.
  6. I have the highest electrical bill in my building because I love AC more than anything. I’ve gotten a notice saying I use pretty much 8 times more electricity than an average person on my block.
  7. I’ve been on 11 magazine covers in my entire modeling career.
  8. I was Zoe Bell’s stunt woman for some of her stunts in the film Camino, I took over when Quentin Tarantino called her off set.


photography x napua camarillo

wardrobe x billabong hawaii