Grace-1 Grace-3 Grace-4 Grace-5 Grace-7 Grace-9 Grace-12 Grace-16 Grace-17 Grace-1910 random facts about Grace:

1. I don’t like American Cheese.
2. The tomb raider movies made me want to be an anthropologist/ archeologist when I was a kid.
3. Mango and likikoi are my favorite fruits.
4. I love maple donuts.
5. My favorite movie is Slumdog Millionaire.
6. In 7th grade i went to the Grammys. Braces and all.
7. I went to LSU for my first year or college.
8. I currently study anthropology and women’s studies.
9. Im a big game of thrones fan and am currently on the 5th book!
10. Im Finnish.

I really like that she ended on that note! Haha.



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