Dripping with obvious beauty, Brie is a stunner. Her duality is luring. She’s soft but has a bold intense glare. She’s quick witted, shimmery and effortlessly lovely.  We love her lounge-y vibe when all we need is summer and yet we still have a few more months of winter.
DID YOU KNOW (rando facts about Brie)

I grew up on a little farm in a super industrial neighborhood in Seattle. I am going on my fourth year in Hawaii.

I started college when I was 15 and recently graduated with a psych degree. I would love to be an art therapist one day.

I like sci-fi and horror novels.

I love snowboarding, but for now surfing will suffice.

I think I have a ramen addiction, sodium will be the death of me.

For a good time I like frolicking around the woods, listening to good tunes, and napping in big parks. The callers on my old radio show used to call me Woodstock wannabe.