Maybe you don’t know her, maybe you do. Jenah Yamamoto is a from the North Shore of Oahu and plunged onto the Tumblr scene with her banging bod and penchant for blunts, cats, and the beach. And it’s no wonder her followers sky rocketed to upwards of 10k with that kind of content. But that’s chump change compared to the herds of cattle (981K) following her every move on Instagram. It’d be a bit unfair to say she blew up overnight but it sure seems like it. We had a chance to ask her a few Q’s about growing up in front of the world via social media. Check it.

The Manifold: You have an insane amount of followers on Instagram, something like 900k. How do you think that came about? (Like did it steadily increase or was it a mass following after a bunch of photos)…

Jenah Yamamoto: Ive always had a Tumblr, which is the old school instagram equivalent to me. I started posting my personal photos there around 5 years ago, and I think naturally my Tumblr followers turned to Instagram once it became popular.

TM: I’ve read somewhere that you’re a photographer first and a model second. What sort of things do you like to shoot? And tell us about some of your upcoming projects (if can).

JY: Yes. Photography is my passion and first love. I do modeling on the side because why not. I love shooting almost anything in natural light. I’m fascinated with the human body as well as shadows and light. Im working on launching a new blog with all of my travels :)

TM: In today’s day and age of instant gratification what is something that instantly puts you at ease?

JY: Music. No matter where I am, I can plug my headphones into my phone and just be in the best mood. It’s crazy how music can do that…

TM: How has becoming an adult in the eye of social media affected your life view?

JY: Social media if anything, has taught me that the perception isn’t always reality. There has been numerous occasions where life isn’t going exactly how I planned, yet I still seem to have a happy go lucky vibe exuding from my social media. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Don’t always believe what you see.

TM: How do you feel your blog has progressed over the years?

JY: My blogging has actually slowed down as of recently. It’s something I’m working on. I also have another blog project in the works so I’ve been more focused on that. I’ve refined my taste as far as imagery and what I put out there in the social media world. I know what works and what people like to see while still retaining my creativity.

TM: Who are your top 3 favorites that YOU personally follow on
Instagram/Tumblr/or Twitter?


TM: Today’s world is all about the now! What are your favorite things right now!

Band: Led Zeppelin
Graff artist: Sofles
Photographer: Akila Berjaoui
Model: Luma Grothe
Food: 1/4 chicken plate with mashed potatoes and green beans from Peters in Brooklyn. Haha
Place in the world: New York
Strain of weed: Blue Dream
Person: My British boyfriend. lol
Bikini: A really cute one piece I got from
Mandalynn Swim