GlitchGlitch- A two man art exposition featuring the works of Crist Espiritu and Angge Lorente

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GlitchGlitch is the collective name of Crist Espiritu and Angge Lorente. Crist and Angge have consistently collaborated on commissioned murals and street art pieces for the last few years. Their varying styles of painting merge seamlessly due to their parallel views of art. The name GlitchGlitch came from their notion that “art should act as a glitch in the boring programmed routine that most people are stuck in”.  The duo sees the current role of art as a break from the monotony of everyday life.

Crist Espiritu is a visual artist based in Manila, Philippines. His art has been featured in various art related sites and magazines all over the world. Throughout his career he has consistently produced artworks shown in local and international galleries as well as murals and streetart pieces. He has stated in several interviews that he makes art “to instill a culture of critical thinking amongst his audience”.  His visuals usually consist of deconstructed familiar images juxtaposed against erratic abstract expressionistic backgrounds. In his paintings, fragmented cartoon characters, anatomical parts, pop culture references and paint spatters are all thrown together creating a colorful chaos that lingers in one’s psyche. Through these wild imageries Crist Espiritu creates witty commentaries about the current human condition.

For this show, Crist Espiritu explores nostalgia and memories’ role in defining a person. He zooms in on specific childhood memories and fuse it with current aspects of modern day living. Espiritu merges the innocence of years long gone with the implemented perversion and pessimism of adulthood.
Images from old cartoons, video games and comic books are deconstructed and thrown in twistedly humorous scenes. The artist’s process gives the images new layers of meaning and possibilities.
Angge Lorente is an upcoming visual artist who excels in painting. Fascinated by the human form, she chose to paint in a detailed realistic style rendering her subjects with adept precision. Her artworks are mostly photo-realistic scenes with an air of mystery. Her paintings are like unfolding bits of vague narratives which capture one’s imagination. The showcase of skills and the intrigue that the paintings stir in the audience are what hold the allure of Lorente’s artworks.
Lorente also dabbles in street art. She extends her artistic process onto public places in order to access more audience. Through her realistic painting style (consistent with her studio works), random pedestrians easily relate to the motions and mystique Lorente’s subjects convey. Her art stirs up the psyche of the otherwise zombified person going through the robotic motions of the day.

In GlitchGlitch, Angge Lorente explores idiosyncrasies of everyday human specimens she observes. She analyzes their peculiar behaviors focusing on their methods of adaptation towards today’s fast paced society. She then relates her observations to video games and focuses on the “glitches” within these situations. Angge morphs her subjects into fragmented lumps of flesh fading into rainbow colored pixels. She mutates her subjects into flesh and binary hybrids highlighting the parallelism between real life and virtual existence.
Through her art Angge Lorente shoves the proverbial mirror in front of her audience and forces them to look at all these temporary disturbances within their individual programming. The artist conveys that “glitches” are natural occurrence within systems and are things that we have to learn to deal with. Imperfections define us.