The Electronic Afterlife from Gizmogul on Vimeo.


OK, before I go on my rant, watch the video and think about recycling!  In ANY way that you can.  There’s a handful of non believers in recycling and I’d encourage a healthy debate on the subject over beers… C’mon le’s go!

Recently I went to purchase a bursdei gift for a homie.  Drumroll…I got her a plant…a pink leafy green.  Anyways along with the plant, I bought a bright ceramic pot to place said plant into.  When I got to the checkout counter at HOME DEPOT, I asked if I could just leave the black plastic container the plant had come in to be recycled.  The woman was so confused by me. “Just throw it away. It’s only one.”  I was dumbfounded.. That’s the problem with the world– we think, eh it’s just one.  It’s just one bottle, it’s just one plastic bag, cause it’s only me who lives in the world. UGH!!!!!!! The plan would’ve been simple– take the black empty plastic container, give back to the vendor, vendor resuses the damn thing, amirite?

Then I went to NICO’s on the pier in Honolulu and was horrified to learn that at lunch they serve their numerous fish plates IN STYROFOAM.  Listen, I hate to preach and to get on this soapbox (oh wait a second, I created this magazine for just this reason.  To point out crazy injustices and hope that enough people get behind them to make an actual change!).  Anyways, did no one at NICO’s get that there’s a great big plastic garbage island floating in waters not too far from here consisting of things like styrofoam etc.  So in theory the fish I just ingested at NICO’s could also be ingesting the styrofoam from NICO’s therefore resulting in ME EATING STYROFOAM as a result.  Did you get that?  Lots of plastic.  Fish eat plastic.  We eat fish.  Therefore we eat plastic.  It’s really not hard and not that much of a price difference for a positive change like oh, I dunno using reusable plates, or at the very least compostable paper to-go containers?  You can expect a mouthy letter from me to NICO’s  as well.

On another more related note I tried to sell my old iphone to Gazelle, but got told that that model was too old and that I had to pay to recycle it at one of two donation centers which they linked me up to.  WTF really? I have to pay to recycle it?  Talk about NOT wanting to make me recycle.  I’m glad to see that the GIZMOGUL.COM has stepped in to help out..  Geez, people.  In the video Kwame says “I think you guys are smart, there are better ways to do it.”  You said it best, Kwame.