Are you knowing of BLOOD ORANGE yet?  Dude, get on board.  This song, You’re Not Good Enough, is the hit off the album and it’s just one of many delicious repeatable songs.  If that’s not enough feel free to enjoy this video by Gia Coppola, yes, of those Coppolas.  And with the help of Urban Outfitters, the greatest producer of clothes that look like they came from a thrift store, just kidding UO, I love your steez!  They present their music series which is on their BLOG!  Aside from the old take (visually) on this song with it’s 80’s into 90’s feel, I can’t help but fall in love with Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange AND his girlfriend, Samantha Urbani who also takes the secondary vocals on this track and is quite easy on the eyes!  What do you think?