From the Ditch:

by Adam Funari

Heading West

nick at the beach

(photo: nick at the beach)

You never know where the day is going to take you or what you will find. Today we set our sights on the west. It’s always a gamble. We know it will be dry, we know it will be hot, we know it will be full of adventure!


There has always been an allure to heading west. It pulls on our curiosity, it’s the calling of a new coast, untamed lands, unridden, and unwritten. Our hearts ache for it. It’s in our blood, and we are out for it, spilling it every chance we get.


From the moment we stepped out of the car, we could feel our new environment. We were greeted with a few friendly smiles from people in their yards. There is a manapua truck parked across the street and the kids are all over it! People BBQ-ing, and cruising the beach. Blue skies and bluer water. All of this was wrapped in the warm morning air. We gathered our things and set out with boards under our feet!

neil thurman wall ride copy

(photo: neil thurman wall ride)


Pushing down the side street, and down Farrington, our hearts race with anticipation of what we are going to find. Every ditch is different, even if you have been there 100 times, it’s always different. New stop rocks, dead animals, new graffiti, old bikes, trash, and this time … inhabitants.


(photo: bikes)


This is the first time I have come across people living in a ditch. We have seen people living on the upper banks, but this is the first time we have ever seen people who have made a ditch their home.

home copy

(photo: home)


As we slide down the bank into the flat we are cautious. My nerves are on edge, and I am sure everyone’s are. We make casual conversation to ease our minds and bring some comfort to the people who choose to live there. The last thing we want to be mistaken for are cops, or assholes.


We take a few runs up the bank, vibing on the energy of the place and trying keeping things positive. As soon as we start talking about the rocks on the ground, a man sticks his head out of the tarp and asks if we need a broom. He also let us know we can move anything we like, if it’s in our way. We thank him, relax, and start really skating!

erik patton nose stall copy

(photo: erik patton nose stall)

It gets loud! Sounds are echoing off the concrete walls and in the tunnel from under the bridge. I start to worry that we are bumming them out. You ever hear a skater pop an ollie or worse, slam? It’s loud, expletives fly, and for a moment we forget that we are in someone’s front yard.

nick ayakawa wallride 2 copy

(photo: nick ayakawa wall ride)

When you skate a spot, it becomes yours. This is our ditch! This is our time! But it’s really their ditch, their home, and we were just visiting.

 erik patton blood out copy

(photo: erik patton blood out)

Blood is spilled and tricks get landed. We move on to the next spot. Climbing up the banks shouting our aloha’s, we push farther west into the sun!

ride into the sun

(photo: ride into the sun)


Written by Adam Funari

Photos by Adam Funari and Paul Bajcar

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