The nicer the office the better the ergonomics.
That’s something I have noticed over the years as a freelancer.
After putting in thousands and thousands of labor hours, I now see why.

By definition, ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.

Ergonomics is something big companies have to take serious because if they don’t educate their staff while working them for crazy hours it can lead to lawsuits from preventable injuries.

How does this relate to you at home or the office?

As I mentioned last week, the burnout is something that can come to those of us who push ourselves to the limit. I think that consciously being aware of the proper posture and overall workspace you operate in is extremely important to your productivity.

Working at your desk should never feel like a pain. It’s your job to make it feel comfortable and natural.

Here are some basics.

1. Get the right chair.

(That $20 or $50 chair is that price for a reason.  Research the best chairs out there and why they are rated as such.)

2. Keep all of your tools at a comfortable reach.

3. Stretch as much as you can. (While sitting and also standing up)


4. Pay attention to the nerves and pains in your body. (Just in case you start experiencing different pains you want to pay attention and address those areas.)