VOLUME -3 – The Journey of Independence

Redefining Independence and the overall journey.

Disclaimer:  This is going a little bit beyond just being a “freelancer” but is also written with the idea of independent businesses and brands in mind.

The barriers of entry have lowered!

What does that mean?  Well, it basically means that we are at a crucial point in history where today marks the early stages of what I call “Super Independence. ”  If there was ever a time to become empowered through your work, the time is NOW NOW NOW.

So here’s how it works.  Today, you can build a multi-million dollar empire if you’re in it for the dollars or you can make history if you’re in it for the philanthropy, outreach or whatever your motivation is.  Here is where the line gets drawn.


1.  You don’t need million dollar equipment to have a million dollar sound.  You simply need to have the vision and an effective way of delivering that vision.

Ex.  In music, someone that really knows what they’re doing can make music in their house and convince you it was done at a studio where they paid 200 per hour to get it mixed.

Ex:  In photography, someone that really has the eye or knows how to use their camera’s settings doesn’t need to have a 5d Mark iii to take a noteworthy photo.  50 years ago, none of these advance things existed but you still had Time & National Geographic – jaw-dropping images.

I think you get point 1 now.

2.  It’s not always about being validated by others.  Sometimes, it’s about validating yourself to the point others wish they were validated by you. (Not too much ego though!)

If you have this wonderful idea, invention, business model or art, you cannot wake up everyday dreaming for someone to come discover you and throw a bunch of money at you to get you moving.  Not in this generation.  If that does happen, it’s the rarest of rarest things and chances are, it won’t last.

What I’m talking about here is the assertiveness it takes to go from amateur to master.  We as artist, which most of us are, have to begin driving our own ship.   Start opening our own doors and basically stop taking pit stops hoping that someone with a nicer car will pull over and lend us some better parts to keep going.

3.  Everything that is trendy isn’t trendy.

Let’s be honest.  Everyone in the world thinks they have it all figured out in the digital age.

The world tells us to

“Build a bunch of followers”

“Get advertising on your website” (if you have a brand or business)

“Make a lot of noise”

“Post something everyday”

“Start a website” (Which can be true)

It’s easy to get lost in the madness of everything and before you know it you are doing a lot of things for the sake of being busy just trying to “keep up” without “being great.”

When’s the last time someone told you to focus on your value or focus on what your craft can do for the world or for others?  What type of impact can it have?  It may help to really think about what makes what you do so unique.  If you can’t answer it, then others probably can’t either.

Not every trend is universal but knowledge and mastery can take you a lot of places throughout the universe.


Keep it short, keep it sweet.

Same time & place – NEXT WEEK.

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