I would not be able to write about this one without previously making just about each of these mistakes.

The infamous “Burnout” has become a household normality that we as freelancers see far too often.  In fact, it’s not only the freelancers.  It’s also the everyday worker who is working and worrying about their lives to the max.  I see it all the time.  It’s the worker who is so tired after their 9-5 that they feel disenchanted by the time they get home.  They don’t want to lift another finger or even be reminded of their to-do list.  It just brings them sadness.  Then there are those of us who push everything to the max and when it’s time to be social or available we are the first ones to fall asleep on movie-dates with our loved ones and friends. 

Read the Signs

1.  If you find yourself unmotivated by the very things you know you are most passionate about, you might want to press pause.  Sometimes when the passions become too tedious they stop feeling as special as we once thought they were to us. Furthermore, we have to see stress as an inevitable reality and learn to balance it out with the things that keep us balance.

2. Learn your pressure scale.  In other words, learn how much you can handle before you start dropping things.  It makes no sense to be busy for the sake of being busy.  If you ever reach a feeling of doubt about whether you’ll be able to deliver something on time or in an accountable way, then follow your gut feeling.  Sometimes, that’s your mind and body’s way of saying “What are you doing to me?”

3. Human = Health.  Although we are dominated by machines and feel like machines, most of you reading this are still real humans.  With that being said, we have to really understand how a healthy mentality and lifestyle controls the way we perform.  This is an area of dispute, personal choices and so-called freedoms.   It’s been proven by pretty much every doctor across the world that exercise is a necessity but many of us (I’m guilty) treat it like a hobby and put our work first.  In addition to that, a good workout is useless if our bodies are full of chemicals we can barely pronounce when reading the ingredients.

Personally, when I’m eating bad I feel it and I feel bad in general.  When I’m eating good I don’t nessassrly feel bad and that’s one less thing to worry about.  Workouts can be energizing so try getting the blood pumping before you jump into your “work work.”  Personally, I know I’m not working out enough at this very moment but when I do, everything changes.  Even how much easier it is to handle more stress in a way that isn’t stressful.

4.  Respecting and creating a Regime.  As freelancers, it’s easy to think everything we do is like a freestyle and just go with the wind.  That in itself, can be a very confusing , unorganized way of doing business.  Even though we are on our own, we still can get the most done when we’ve created a work flow that is consistent.

When working in corporate America,  there were days where we just stared at the clock waiting for that 4:55 to hit, grabbing our coats and scrolling to either the bottom or top left to shut down our systems.    That’s what happens when you were doing something you didn’t care for or were just flat out TIRED of doing.  At this point, you should be doing something you love and love working on.  The days will be long but to make sure they are productive and meaningful, it’s helpful to set goals and execute them in some form of routine.

Next Week:  Ergonomics