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We hope you enjoy this submission from Amanda Cooper which was recently featured in issue 6 Anonymous

Photography/Art Direction/Stying: Amanda N. Cooper »

—Wardrobe: Otto&Klaus »

—Hair & Make Up: Chantelle Studio »

—Model: Brittain Lonie via CITY Model agency (SF)

—Location: San Francisco, CA



Otto&Klaus’ garment designs are inspired by natural elements

including: Earth, Air, Wind, Water and incorporates colors drawn from

natural elements.

Behind the apparent simplicity and soft, delicate nature of an

Otto&Klaus garment lies a rebel attitude; creating a balance between

slight fabrics and forceful messages.

These themes helped sparked the concept and story behind this fashion photo

editorial, which represents an innocent young girl who wanders upon an

empty rooftop high above the urban cityscape of San Francisco, and

becomes awakened by the forces of nature & environment: strong

wind, heights, emptiness around her—compelling her to become

“energized” and give in to a more liberated, carefree, uninhibited

state of being.