Oh, Kanye. You are talented but you are exactly what I hope we’ll never be…arrogant, self centered, and completely ignorant. Every time I see his name for any reason, I read the article hoping that it’s for some good cause, some good reason other than his completely self absorbed life. And now that he’s joined forces with Kim Kardashian, the ULTIMATE self obsessed woman on the planet he’s become more ridiculous. Have you seen his newest video, Bound 2? Ugh. Let’s compare notes as my favorite funny duo recreates it frame by frame. Yes… Franco and Rogan, thank you for this!

Here’s Kanye’s version to catch you up.

And now, check out this version!!!

I still can’t decide just how ridiculous the video actually is. I mean, a green screen, some generic screen savers, a bouncing motorcycle, and a wind machine and spotlight. Oh, Kanye. Thoughts?