c_martin_16_2030Photo x Christopher CMART Martin



1. WHO:
Who are you in 100 words or less.

My name is Josh Zickert.
I live in NYC and am skateboarding and causing ruckus on the daily.
I have traveled to 45 countries around the world. I’m gonna keep skating
new spots for the rest of my life.  I grew up in Wisconsin & have lived in San Diego & Colorado prior to
moving to NYC 12 years ago.

Two things we should know about you..

I scare myself every day.
I’ve been skateboarding for 27 years.

Your last meal consists of two things, what is it:
Coca cola

Two websites aside from email/social media that you go to the most:

Two favorite cities and why…
Lisbon, Portugal – dope city to skate and party in.
Buenos Aires, Argentina – raddest people ever. Fun city to skate.

3. What?

What do you do for a living?
Run Natural Koncept with Katch. Skateboard. Stunt work. Throw parties/events. Get RADicaL.

What was the first and last album you bought?
1 – Depeche Mode – Violater
last – Dog Soldier – Fire on the Bowery.

What is your nickname, how did it come about?
JZ RadicaL – my initials are JZ and I get fu&%’n radical.!! hahaha

What tattoos do you have if any?
A few. Radicalz, Duh!

4. IF.
If  you could go anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you

Moscow. It’s next on my list of places to see in this amazing world! (update: JZ did somewhat recently go to Moscow! that fucker!)

If you could only pick one person to go with you on this trip who would it

Chris Kays because he can hang in any situation and he is the best
skateboarder I know.

If your friends were to describe you what would they say?

That I’m fun to party with & I don’t take life to serious at all.

Where can we get a hold of you: Here’s where you give us all your links:
twitter: @jzradical