Who are you in 100 words or less.

Jack Hillman. Halifax, Nova Scotia. I live by the beach with my wife and two fancy cats. I surf a ton, and shoot some photos here and there. I skated a ton growing up, and still find the time to skate when there’s no waves. I spend far too much time on the internet, who doesn’t? We just got six chickens. That’s a lot of eggs. Who would make you star struck? Not too many people. Truthfully I think that people are people, it’s just that some people are famous for what ever reason. They’re still the same as you or I. At the end of the day, we’re all the same.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

Anyone who is happy, and fulfilled.


 Two things we should know about you..

1) I don’t like swimming in lakes, but love swimming in the ocean.

2) I really don’t like ‘white sauce’ (mayo, cheese sauce, ranch dressing…etc) I just barfed in my mouth a little bit.

Your last meal consists of two things, what is it:

Two carne asada burritos. Oh man.

Two websites aside from email/social media that you go to the most:

monsterchildren.com and surfermag.com

Two favorite cities and why…

Noosa Heads, QLD, Australia. Never changes, feels like home.

Los Angeles, California. Those palm trees, someone the other day called them cloud dusters…. There are a million other reasons why for both.


What do you do for a living?

I’m a full time student and work evenings and weekends at Pro Skates here in Halifax.

What makes you LOL?

So many things. Nothing better than a good laugh till you cry. (Moon’s wetsuit tan)

What is your life’s motto/philosophy?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. But I totally do. All of it. Dammit.


If you could go anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you

Right now for some reason i’d go to Mykonos. I’m not really into surf trips, if i’m gonna surf, i’d rather do it at home.

If you could only pick one person to go with you on this trip who would it

My wife, we’re total dorks and it’s the best.

If your friends were to describe you what would they say?

I don’t know, I’ve never asked. Sometimes I think I am kind of a dick, but I’m probably ok.


Favorite movie of all time?

I sleep through most movies. It’s this thing with couches and airplanes…..zzzzzz…….

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Sleeping on couches and airplanes. During movies. I don’t have any guilty pleasures. I am really stoked about all the things I love to do.

Favorite band right now?

Hall and Oates. But then I just googled them and it seems things have taken a turn for the worse….where’s your moustache Oates? Tragic.

Leave us your contact/twitter/insta/etc to reach you.

twitter @photohillman instagram @logtrog