Hangin’ out around the town
with the bad boy crowd,
goin’ by the mall staircase
where we’re not allowed.

Kickin’ flips,
poppin’ wheelies
when we’re feelin’ board;
only tough guys
know how to ride
the hot-rod skateboard.

Dr. Steve Brule

So, this is what’s currently going on within one skateboarder’s somewhat deluded field of vision:

In the eastern zones of my peripheral view, New York shredders have been wreaking havoc in the subterranean bowels of America’s financial machine:

In the West, filmmaker and friend of Hawaiʻi skateboarding Kelton Woodburn put out a sick edit of an SF trip, featuring Oʻahu transplant skaters on Go Skateboarding Day:

And right before my eyes, the stars over the Pacific have aligned to bring together many of the usually far-flung members of the Mokelife crew. Check out that link to see Kaloe Kaʻaikala’s blogs about his extended visit. Not shown: his onslaught through downtown Honolulu and around the island. As if our spots weren’t enduring enough abuse, supremely stylish Maui boy Nate Guest, visiting from his Humboldt, CA home, has also been sighted munching on our parks and ledges. The parallels between these occurrences and bigfoot sightings are too extensive to list here. Fortunately, unlike bigfoot, Nate has been caught on camera, at least for fleeting appearances.

In other news here at home, the submission deadline for the 3rd Annual Hi Sk8 Films showcase is quickly approaching. Is this a shameless plug? Yes, sort of, since I organize the festival. But truly, it is a plug for Hawaiʻi skaters and filmmakers. Get out there, film anything and everything. Slap together a short film. Watch it on the big screen with the homies. You know you want to. Here is what you need to know:

Photo: Silent John

Photo: Silent John


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