Hawaii has been drawing skaters to its islands since the beginning. The most famous early appearance of island spots in a major video would have to be the Bones Brigade slashing the historic ditch Wallows in The Search for Animal Chin. Duh. Since then, team after team after team has retraced their steps, without ever coming any closer to finding him. What I am getting at here is a basic dilemma: pros always come through the islands and end up skating the same spots over and over, which results in the repetition of tricks and vibes. Or they just pile out.  (< Don’t sleep on that link! It’s a must read.) One of the reasons for this is that many of the spots are at schools and businesses that are busts during the weekdays. And beyond that, the vacation mode induced by Waikiki beach, mai tais, and rental mopeds sometimes gets the best of them. So the only spots for large groups are ditches, public parks, sidewalk spots—or the beach (not necessarily a bad thing: see below).

photo: Burnett

Although it’s a nice treat to have professional shredders grace us with their skills and debauches, we occasionally find the proverbial well of video content quite dry. Where to turn? To the locals of course.

Exhibit A: Lucas Hancock for Satori Wheels. 4 days, last week. New spots and new ideas at old spots.

Good shit. Of course, that’s the result of the home-court advantage. Not a local? Follow the Larry Schmidt example. He stays for a whole season, ensuring a full span of time to visit classic spots and invent new ones.

Exhibit B:

As demonstrated by both examples, concrete becomes secondary to shredding. Skate nature. Let Jah provide. Pros, take note!