Sooo, apparently this blog column is shaking things up in a big way and people are already riding the waves I am making. I didn’t ask for it or intend it, but it is most undeniably true. For example, I recently posted up a few measly links to homie Stephen Spilker’s video channel, and, boom, just like that TWS latched on and gave Steve a web interview to discuss his work for Yardsale clothing. And then, less than a week from the time I posted up a little throwback video to Sebo Walker doing some red curb detail, Krooked skateboards (creator of last week’s featurette subject, the Zip Zinger) decided to officially add him to the team. And you thought I was just playing around here? Nah. I’m validating existences. All in a Tuesday’s work. You think it’s easy? It is. You think I like it? I do.

Moving on. Hawaii’s 808 Skate has been steadily dropping videos lately, including the second episode of the Washed Out series, which provides a seriously accurate cross-section sample of Hawaii’s street skating scene at any given time  between 1995 – 2014 (Mikey Albert’s style alone thoroughly represents the second half of the ’90s and early 2000s). More recent is the Shitty Kids trip video to Kauai. In my opinion, the most impressive feat of the whole venture is the successful transfer of skaters Mikey and Taurean Medeiros via airplane from one island to another. Just considering the harsh clash between those logistics and those personalities, the successful round-trip is truly jaw-dropping…like super slow motion ender-ender amazing. The skating is good too, not that that really matters. Falling and failing and flailing and keeping at it anyway is what it is about.