Hi. What’s new in skateboarding this week? That one guy finally dropped a part and that other dude explained why he doesn’t skate anymore and that shoe company exploited skating again, etc. etc… but this week, I don’t really care. Personally, I haven’t been able to skate much lately due to injuries, so in my own little world of skate the biggest news is the slappy pivot stall I did on a curb this morning at the bus stop. And it’s all thanks to my friendly little cruiser board and its puffy lil wheels. Glory be to the Zip Zinger! Glory be the the rise of the board quiver!

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Different board sizes and shapes have been around forever, but it seems like a relatively new phenomenon to have multiple boards to fulfill various needs. Mark Gonzalez is probably largely to thank for this. Deluxe Distribution basically marketed Mark’s habit of using random boards, long or small, for any session. Now, every brand has their version of the skateable cruiser board. It’s healthy competition in the market and I don’t mind a bit, because they are great for transportation and rehab. My old Zip Zinger has been with me through all kinds of trauma. And it has its share, too. One time I stepped in dog shit and then onto the board and made a gooey transfer of poo. I tried to wipe it off with paper towels and literally only succeeded to embed both poo and paper towel deep into the grain of the griptape. It stopped smelling eventually, but there are still some remnants–scars of hard times. But we got through them together.

Because my victories are small and low to the ground, I am going to keep this curb-heavy, maybe as a reminder to get out there and go conquer something today, even if it’s small.

Old, good, relevant: