Yo! Artists of all kind, we’re looking for you!!!  We want to extend our artist network and we thought a contest would help us discover your talents while helping us come up with a unique design with The Manifold in mind.

If you don’t know we are a magazine focused on Art, Music, Fashion, and Profiles with a skate/surf undertone.  Feel free to use these topics as inspiration for your design.

The theme for this design is GRATITUDE or POSITIVITY!

We’re looking for unique drawings, rad tags, funny illustrations, beautiful photos something to throw onto a tank top.  Check out the rules.





The design can be in color however the final tank design will only be in black and white.  Don’t be discouraged, if your design gets chosen the color version will be up on our website or in our ad campaigns– your name will be splashed around everywhere.

AND remember this design is going to be used for tank tops but don’t close the lid on the idea of traditional– be bold, be creative, be different!


Then, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Upload your design on instagram or twitter with the hashtag #manifolddesign OR send your submission to TheManifoldMag@Gmail.com before the closing date of September 22 –11:59 pm Hawaii Standard Time. (That gives you a MONTH).  The winner will be announced Sept 24th!

(If your design is chosen we will then need a high resolution version of it!)


100$ USD

A feature story in our magazine.

Bragging rights!!!!!