Okay, okay, Hawaii was a little pissed to hear how much Scott doesn’t love our land and much as we love our land but in all honesty, I’m not that upset.  Here’s what I think.  We are a protective, prideful people.  We feel lucky, blessed, and honored to live here, it’s instilled in us from a very young age.  So a lot of the times the localism you tourists may feel is due to people swooping in and making back handed comments like “I love Hawaii but for like a week tops.”  Hawaii is a world renowned place of beauty, I think that’s pretty agreed upon but what people come to Hawaii for– that vacation aspect, that relaxing aspect, that friendly life loving vibe, that driving slower to catch that rainbow….it’s a part of it too.  We don’t turn it on and off just for y’all.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times where I’m impatient, watching some lady hold up the line at Target, swerving around those who drive 45 on the freeway, and the laxness behind people who stroll.  BUT what’s often misconceived and misconstrued is the fact that slower is bad.  I don’t blame Scott Caan for not understanding this lifestyle nor do I blame him for not being a strong enough surfer to “survive” our world famous waves… uh, why don’t you try Waikiki on a small day, bro– it’s probably a lot like Malibu!  And I certainly don’t blame him for not being able to find good food here, we locals want to keep the good spots hidden and besides you didn’t grow up loving our local flavors– things like tako (octopus), or li hing mui, or Teriyaki everything!  What I am mad at him for is, shitting where he eats.   You just took a steamer on the place that gives you your paycheck.  Hawaii 5-0 ‘s main character is not you,  Dano, and no it’s not even Alex O’Laughlin who got our beloved Malia Jones preggers it’s in fact HAWAII, go figure.  Why don’t you take a gratitude pill, bro.