We love Filipino artist Crist Espiritu and he’s just introduced us to his latest works. Take a look.



“This piece is about the creative process that goes with skateboarding. How skateboarding is pure “thoughts made into actions”. Skateboarding had a great impact to my life, and maybe this mural is a sort of tribute to that. It sucked me into it’s vortex of endless possibilities and changed the way I see things permanently. As I see it, skateboarding, next to art, is the most creative activity one can engage in.

For me, art could be a sort of cure for today’s epidemic of fickle attention span and desensitized minds. It could be a means to break free from today’s culture of narcissism and short-sightedness.  I try to make my art is both visually striking and, more importantly, psychologically/mentally challenging. We all need to exercise our critical thinking as often as possible. We are living in times where it is easy to just give up and be one with the herd of mindless drone going through the mundane motions of everyday life. But with art, we stand a chance in the struggle to stay human and live life.”