Recently we got an update from our homie and street artist in the Philippines, Crist Espiritu who’s newest work was done on a decrepit building in Paranaque City.  If you haven’t yet read or heard about him here (we tend to check in on him here and there) then you’ll find his work to be playful, colorful, and rife with absolute meaning. Check out his artist statement and photos of his work.


“This piece was done in a derelict building located in Parañaque City, Philippines. The building is a sketchy place where bums and young students hangout to smoke or sniff glue. A whole lot of dingy activities go on here which, I thought to myself, makes it perfect to put a wall piece on. I believe art (especially public art) can in effect retrieve forgotten spaces from oblivion. By putting something creative and visually appealing on a certain space, an artist can show the inhabitants of the derelict building some hope…that there is someone who knows about and cares about the otherwise forgotten space. And hope, is essential in our existence that gets bleaker by the day.”smoke cropped 01 self mural detail 01smoke mural detail 02 bw