We want your souls.. Just kidding, we want your voice, your collaboration, your art, your inspiration, your videos, your style, your photos, your CREATIVITY…. we want to expose you (but not in a creepy way) and tell people your story. So let us.  CONTRIBUTE.


NOW REMEMBER OUR TONE IS:  Art, music, fashion (but not high end fashion), and profiles with a skate/surf undertone so remember this when you are submitting a piece for consideration.


We are currently only taking submissions for online.  Please recognize who you are submitting for– we are NOT high fashion, we are skate/surf lifestyle.  We are hip hop, alt, indie, punk.  We are looking for worthy profiles on people who don’t suck.  Ya feel me?

ADDED NOTE: We are an animal friendly company– so if you’re submitting a fashion story with any real fur or animal accessories it will NOT be published.. We believe you don’t have “Skin a Collie to make your bag” (Clueless reference anyone?).

To submit, send your pitch, idea, editorial to SUBMIT@THEMANIFOLDMAG.COM  with links to your work elsewhere.  Thanks, kids.





fashion story submitted by ChuckC (seen here)