A while back we did a VS interview with BuffMonster and few other NYC artists.  It was published in our 3rd issue themed at “The Creative Pursuit”.  We are stoked to see that he’s in town (his hometown) once again for the internationally recognized art event: Pow Wow!  Don’t know what Pow!Wow! is?  Shame on you…. The Manifold got our start with our first issue interviewing the man behind the event, Jasper Wong.  We are proud to know him and to continue our support of this awesome event, it’s just another cherry on our paradise sundae.






Name: Buff Monster
Age: 34
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
Current city: Brooklyn
Mediums: Usually acrylic and airbrush. Working in the streets, I use other stuff.

Who or what were your youth influences? What inspired you to make art?

I grew up on Heavy Metal music, Hello Kitty, Garbage Pail Kids. Later on graffiti and street art inspired me a whole lot.

Influences now?

All the same stuff… and the work by lots of super awesome artists…

5 things you love about NYC?

I love everything about NYC. After living in LA for 15 years, I was over it. I’ve never regretted moving out here. Ever since the first night I moved here, I hang out with Sucklord, L’Amour Supreme and Greg Mishka all the time. I never had a community like this in LA.

Favorite piece of work you have made? Or favorite experience working or collaboration?

Lately, L’Amour and I have been travelling the world doing live painting. It’s always fun!

What is your Favorite city?

NYC is an easy answer, but I don’t know if that’s my final answer.

What artists do you have pieces of in your home or studio–trades/purchases?

I have original pieces by Barry Mcgee, John Pound, Neckface, Dalek, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Mike Giant, and others. I have some prints by Takashi Murakami, Shepard Fairey and bunch of others.

Current project? Next project??

L’Amour and I have a show together in April in Brooklyn, more travelling, a second series of The Melty Misfits, new resin and vinyl toys. I’m always super busy!

Where is your studio located? Or a store or gallery that carries your art?

I work at home in Brooklyn. I’ve worked with Corey Helford Gallery in LA for many years.

Projection for the year? One goal? Or place your showing work?? Any exciting events.

Like I said, I got a whole lot going on. It doesn’t matter how many ideas you have or how many things you start, it’s a matter of finishing things.

Daily routine? Daily constant?

Ugh emails. There’s always so many emails!

Explain your creative process?

Heavy Metal music.

If you could hang with any artist, alive or dead who would it be. What would you do?

It would be awesome to hang out with Andy Warhol. I’m sure it would be really awkward, but it would be a good story to tell.

Hours a week spent in your studio?

Most of them.

Must haves? A favorite brush, type of paint, a joint etc??

Heavy Metal. Can’t do anything without it. Coffee helps too. It’s a winning combination!

If your studio or house was on fire. What would you grab.

Ugh, I don’t even want to think about that

Other creative outlets?

The ladies.

One fad or trend that you don’t like?

No idea.

Gallery or museum?

Both. It’s about the art, not the building.

Canvas or wall?


Permanent or temporary?


Beer or liquor?


Website? Insta?

BuffMonster.com, buffmonster on Instagram and twitter.

Shout out?

This magazine, the person reading this magazine, and all the awesome people that support and inspire me.