We ditched BKK to get some beach time in on day (9) .  Since the introduction of Martial Law down here, the military has been out and there’s been a city wide curfew for 10pm.  So we packed a few bags to get out of the city, 6 hours out of the city to be exact.  We took an air conditioned sleeper train down to Ban Krut and arrived there at 2:30 am (1200 Baht for two people = 36 usd).  The town was silent and still as we walked through it looking for a hotel.  Good ol’ faithful, 7-11 was opened so we rehydrated after we’d dehydrated on more than a few Leos (Thailand’s beer) on the train and walked til we hit beach.  Not too long afterwards, we found a great bungalow style hotel right on the beach and crashed hard.  The next day it rained on and off all day, but we toured the beach with the free bikes provided by the hotel and were pleased to see uncrowded beaches, long stretches of empty coconut tree lined roads.  We even scoped out the fishing harbor and made it up to the Buddha atop the mountainside just before the rain hit.  We waited out a passing rain storm down at this empty beach at the base of the mountainside and by then we were ravenous for food.  Thailand’s main staples, Ehren tells me, are rice and fish, whole cooked fish where the meat just falls off the bone. YUM!  It’s far from the American version of Thai food consisting of curry and coconut milk and far from what I’m used to but it’s a nice change.  At night the fisherman here all fish for squid and the horizon is lined with green lights from their boats.  So far, it’s been a beautiful stay in Ban Krut.


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