Ehren and I took the whole day and explored the city.  Everything from river rides to sneaking into peoples back yards, exploring temples, and eating in Chinatown.  I like the city life and this city reminds me of New York, mostly because it’s the only big city I know to compare it to.  Ehren says it almost triples NYC in population and that’s seen here evidently with the sheer amount of tuk-tuks, motorcycles, pink cabs, and people in a slow meander.  Today day (6) Ehren lead me to explore more of it.  Stopping along the way to say hello to kitties and buy fireworks, down jugs of water cause, yes, it’s still fucking hot, and snap photos.


It was this day that I heard about the great and awesome Bernardo Bernard.  And on that note, how rad is that name?  How rad was that dude? Answer.  SUPER FUCKIN’ RAD.  I heard the news right before we approached on our first temple, The Golden Mount, so of course I prayed like a motherfucker for him and his family and loved ones. Life can be so crazy.  If you sign up for it, there’s no guarantees except death and I’m just proud to say that I knew Beergnardo and had the chance to feel the presence of such a humble and special soul.  This lotus is for you, B.


We walked our way around until we hit Chinatown where we sat down to eat at a place that served– UGH, Shark Fin soup.  Ehren said there was no way around it, most of the places in C-town serve it so I had to get past my hatred for what they consider a delicacy and make a big stink about it later (stay tuned).  We had an amazing fried scallop plate and some crab cakes and by the end I was ready to be rolled out on a gurney I was so full.

IMG_1416IMG_1394IMG_1421 IMG_1422 IMG_1386This is for you, Molly!

IMG_1429After complete Chinatown consumption, Ehren lead me to a gallery that his friends operate called GOJA which was so charming and exhibiting some awesome local art by a guy named “Bonus”.  The gallery was run by this adorable and sweet Thai girl who was very welcoming and inclusive.  It was here that I could actually converse with people in English, phew, it was almost like I forgot how to speak.  Thai is such a hard language that’s pretty much all tone-based, so I’ve been leaving a lot of it to the BKK, local, Ehren.  Shame on me, I know.  When more people joined the gallery it felt like one of those intimate gatherings from back home, my favorite kind of social interaction!  NO loud music, no bar fights, just good conversation with down to earth people over beers and wine.  I never felt left out in conversation even though choice phrases remained in Thai.  It’s these things that I’ve come to appreciate.  It’s these kinds of people that make the world bearable.

IMG_1494_2 IMG_1496 IMG_1508 IMG_1511

We ended the night reppin’ Shitty Kids and The Manifold hard and headed to E’s house ready to spark a joint with his friend, Alex who is a dope street artist that goes by the name ALEXFACE.  Another beautiful Bangkok night!