I’m drunk.  I’m on vacation!!  Don’t judge.  I’m flying solo on a meditation mission without my personal tour guide in an attempt to get a bit of clarity and to avoid the militia in BKK.  So here I sit, Chang beer on table, Sang Som opened (Thai Rum) and I’m going to drunkenly relay the last few days…or try to at least.

Our last day in Ban Krut was pretty awesome. Day (10).  Beach. More bike rides. Kale and Fish. Light rain showers. Starfish stalking. Beer guzzling.  Bus catching.. wait, let’s go back to the beer guzzling.  It was perhaps the beer guzzling that caused us to miss our 11pm bus to BKK.  Sure, let’s blame it on that and not the fact that we wandered a little too far missing the road to the “bus station”.  And I put that in quotes because the “bus station” was actually a tiny store front with a bench.  We were 15 minutes late,  we were under a poor assumption that the Thai’s would be like Hawaiians, but NOPE, they were on time and shoot(!) we just paid for a bus ride we are not taking.  So we walked across the street to the train station and prepped for the next train to Kangbok…woops I mean Bangkok. (Damn Sang Som!)  Well, really the preparation was all in us getting more beers and then thinking it was a great idea to let Ehren try to mount a buffalo… which went horribly wrong (don’t worry I got it on video!).  Of course the amount of alcohol consumed had a great deal to do with those actions and the conversations about life and love and the difference between the minds of women and men that followed.  Anyways.  Ehren felt sick on the train ride, probably because that buffalo had bonked him straight in the sack.  Sure, you can pee standing up, but can you take a hit to the groin??? NOPE.  This was an ongoing thing that night… Ehren would comment “I’m so glad I’m a guy, I can pee anywhere.”  To which I’d respond, “fuck off!”

IMG_2175 IMG_2180

No comfortable sleeper train this time.  Ehren rested his head on my shoulder and passed out… me?  I was fidgety and uncomfortable and decided I didn’t want to go all the way back to BKK to turn around and take another train/bus back down to the super touristy beach town called Hua Hin.  That to me, sounded like way too much time consumption.  So I bailed half way through the train ride.  The sun was coming up and I told Ehren peace out, I’ll see him in a few days.  I caught a moto-ride to the beach and hoofed it along the shore as the sun was rising.  A surprising amount of people were there to witness the orange/pink day start.  And I walked to a reasonable looking area (AKA cheap) and found a cheap hotel to pass out in.  My only requirements?  A/C and WiFi!  Done.  30 usd a night or 1,000 Baht.

IMG_2191 IMG_2201_2

I woke up at 12pm and got ready to start a day of exploring this beach town with the intention of looking for a shop called “The Family Tree” which was a fair trade shop including a range of items from hand woven Thai Silk to homemade soap and jewelry.  PERFECT.  Not so perfect.. 3 hours later, these Thai’s have no idea where this store is and my compass skills are growing drowsy because trying to explain, “it’s by the pier” isn’t getting me anywhere.  And no, my phone does not work down here! The language barrier makes me truly feel like I’m far from home and I am but rarely does it seem it.  So 3 fuzzy fire icons later, I find the store and spend so much money there they give me a few bars of soap for free! I’m so grateful and I move on to find a handmade jewelry maker making her craft right there in front of me.  She’s my age, pretty and again, offers me a deal on her items, which I graciously accept.  If you can believe it, I’m exhausted and I head to the hotel with coconut curry on the brain and a bag full of goodies.  I pass out at 10 pm a new record for me, the night owl.

IMG_2230 IMG_2223
Today, day (12) is a beaut.  I decide to make it a ME day.  Thai massage for 200 Baht or 6 USD…. wait, what???  YUP.  And I fully plan on getting another tomorrow.  Funny, the looks I get when they ask where I’m from.  It’s as if they’ve never heard of Hawaii, which shocks me a little, or perhaps it’s that I look as if I am Thai and they think I’m lying?  IDK.  Anyways.  I’m over wandering at this point.  I’m really over walking.  And I’m really over trying to find a good deal without feeling like I’m a Japanese tourist getting swindled in Waikiki.  So I head to the beach to lie, swim, and meditate.   And I do.  I get flagged down to rent a recliner and umbrella for 100 Baht.  The heat is at 3.5 fuzzy fire icons and I can barely walk on the sand.  I have to be haole and walk with my slippers on to avoid foot combustion.  I spend the first 30 minutes meditating, something I’ve been meaning to do everyday but kept getting distracted.  Afterwards, I take a dip and am utterly disappointed to feel the green water is like a jacuzzi.  UGH!  I trudge my way through the shallow sandbar until the water drops off a bit.  Hua Hin reminds me of Waikiki.  I don’t even care.  Being alone feels good.