Big D and the Kids Table finally made it to Honolulu! It’s 2014, mark it on your calenders, folks.  Lead singer, Dave McWane mentioned during their set that they’d been trying to make it out to our islands for a decade! Damn, D!  Well, we’re glad you finally made it out.  And it wasn’t too long ago ( I lie, it’s been seven years) that I had met, Big D on the Van’s Warped Tour.  I got to spend quality time with Big D and well, it was a different “kids table” (with the exception of Ryan O’Connel on Sax who still remains) but it proved to be a very entertaining and enjoyable experience.  Veterans to the Warped Tour, Big D has in fact been on nine (count ’em) nine Warpeds along with bands like Anti-Flag, Pennywise,  Motion City Soundtrack, Bad Religion, Less Than Jake, whom are up there too.  McWane tells me how different the tour has changed over the years and I believe him with bands like Yellowcard resurfacing..what? talk about a weird pop punk revival.. meh.  He mentions a unfriendly t.v. edit that makes them seem a certain way (Warped Roadies), but I know better, ’cause I know first hand!  Big D couldn’t be nicer, so suck it, Fuse T.V.!

While on their way to international territory, the seven piece ska band kept the crowd bouncing at Hawaiian Brian’s this past Saturday night.  It went full circle (the crowd that is) with leg swinging energy from D and a bunch of dancing fools flailing about to The Noise, Little Bitch, and L.A.X.

Big D heads to the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and then Australia for Hits and Pits.

Here’s Big D’s “The Noise” featuring some familiar young guns skating in Hawaii. Boo yeah!

Special thanks to Underworld Events for the press pass!  Aloha, boys, safe tour.