Stacking glass piece by glass piece, Sydney-based but New Zealand raised artist, Ben Young, creates beautiful sculptures of ocean waves and seascapes.  The glass is laminated and hand carved and crafted to layer on top of each other to form transparent installations that allow you to view beneath the surface.  It’s clear to see what Young’s inspiration is, duh, the ocean! Raised in New Zealand, Young is a surfer and boat builder by trade according to his website appropriately named BROKEN LIQUID.

“There is no high-tech equipment involved but the complexity comes from the planning phase, which Young describes as ‘a lot of work’. I love watching the two dimensional shapes evolve into three-dimensional creations and the different way the light plays inside the glass.”

While these sculptures may appear to be quite simple, don’t be fooled, they require a lot of work, planning and brainstorming.  Just take a look at the JOURNAL section on his website and see the behind the scenes stuff that goes into the finished pieces.

waves-glass-sculpture-ben-young-3 waves-glass-sculpture-ben-young-5 waves-glass-sculpture-ben-young-12 waves-glass-sculpture-ben-young-14waves-glass-sculpture-ben-young-7 waves-glass-sculpture-ben-young-2