The Manifold Magazine is a unisex lifestyle magazine devoted to art, music, fashion and profiles for the independent age.

We aim to be a platform for the creative and talented but perhaps under exposed.  While our goal is to provide beautiful content, noteworthy profiles, innovative art, up and coming music, and fashion for our lifestyle we always want to aim for beauty with a message.  We want our articles to be mouthy, humorous, witty, with a slight attitude and strong confidence.  We want our editorials to be bathed in light, creative, different, with models who are real and beautiful and really beautiful but not just for beauty’s sake.  We are trying to make the world a better place through marketing and media.  Join us.

Our team is from all over the world even though we are based in Honolulu and consider our tone to be surf/skate related.  We are open to all things art, music, fashion, and profiles.  The term Manifold means a whole composed of diverse elements.  We strive for this with everything we do.


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