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We are a group of individuals that make up one sweet whole.  That’s what The Manifold is defined as — a whole composed of diverse elements.  In our case we chose to focus on ART, MUSIC, FASHION, and PROFILES with a strong undertone in skate and surf .  We want to seek out the under exposed, tell interesting stories, and introduce timeless art that motivates and inspires the creative unique in you! We are a published magazine that can be found at your local skate/surf shop across the country (and if we aren’t and you want us in a store near you, request us!!!)  We are also a multimedia brand that does interviews, creates videos, and suggests musicians that we feel are worthy!  Follow along with us as we march to the beat of our own drumbeats.

Thanks for stopping by, don’t be a stranger!

–The Manifold

(We are open to submissions and those who are interested may refer to our contribute page for more details.)