TOOK7617IMG_7744IMG_7757IMG_7766TOOK7703TOOK7769TOOK7759TOOK7651TOOK7630TOOK7798TOOK7624TOOK7633Yeah, we know Pow Wow was months ago, but better late than never?  We just got some photos from the talented photographer TOOK and we wanted to post the art that covers the streets of Honolulu or more specifically– Kaka’ako for this past year’s Pow Wow.  It’s an annual event that keeps growing and growing more than doubling it’s artists attendance from last year and including international and local artists alike.  If you decide to visit our beautiful islands– February is the perfect time to do so!  Watch the artist process from start to finish then celebrate the finale at the artists warehouses on Lana Lane where art meets artist meets alcohol…  um, boo-yeah?