Ever since the iphone came on the market in 2007, it’s revolutionized the idea of having a (good) camera on you at all times.  No more slugging around that heavy canon or nikon across your neck.  See a shot? It’s go time, slip out that iphone and shoot away!  Enter the iphone Photography Awards.  Every year thousands of images are submitted for recognition from as many as 70+ countries around the world with the guidelines that all submissions be of course taken on an iphone, ipad or an ipod.  The photos should not be altered in Photoshop but can be edited with an iphone/ipad App.  With a broad range of categories (17), from Food to Trees, Landscape, Portrait, Panorama, and Sunsets, you’re subject matter can almost be anything.  Entry fees are minimal according to their website: 1 image:$3.50, 3 images:$7.50, 5 images:$15.50, 10 images:$27.50, 20 images:$50.00, 25 images:$57.50.  And the prizes are more than just bragging rights, they range from iPad Airs (top 3) to “Gold Bars from the most recognizable private gold mint in the world (winners in each category).  The only thing that’s really a mystery to me is who judges the contest because according to their website the “Jury” is never described with any credentials.  Hmm.  Guess it really doesn’t matter too much because after looking at their submissions, because they’ve got pretty good taste. Take a look at some inspiration from our favorites photos from over the years!  And you can go HERE for more information.