The largest jizz stain on Oahu was on display at GYM, Bradley Capello’s latest art installation where he showed off extreme stamina in a locker room of one night standed gym equipment strewn about in the blooming art district of Kaka’ako.  For those of you who missed it, we were alerted to Capello’s work by a friend and so we drilled him a little about his work and few other random questions.


Tell us about what this art installation means to you?

It’s my version. It’s metaphor. It’s fun. It’s me hoping to make people smile and cringe and totally transport them. There’s a lot of nostalgia in it for me, and everything is pretty much based on an actual experience or personal dream- so it’s autobiographical, and  romantically escapist-even if it is a nasty glory hole or whatever

You seem to cover the topic of sex throughout your work.  Explain to us your thoughts behind this.

I talk about things I love ;)

You’ve done a lot of art that is across the board; a mixed media piece, this installation, and your degree was in printmaking.  Is there one area you like the most or are you content being more nomadic in it?

I like the sound of media nomad. Media gypsy. I totally get media wanderlust. Once in a while I’ll have a brief romance with a specific media or technique. But mostly it’s whatever is appropriate for the idea. These days it’s pretty much garbage. Like literally.

Where in your home do you feel you’re most inspired?  And why?

I have a tiny home, so probably the whole  thing? I like my underwear drawer, the bathroom, my boyfriend’s orchid shed, my bed from where I watch a lot of tv. Every space can be inspiring, right? I’m easily amused. I get stoked on just organizing my soaps (I collect soap) and bath towels chromatically.

What three artist would you organize a dinner party for
(Famous or local or famously local!)

Dunno. Not really in to meeting idols. Much less at a dinner party as I’m imagining one right now. But I recently heard an interview with John Waters and he seems like the kind of person I’d hang out with. I would be in to having a drink with him.

Who’s career do you most admire?

Right now I’m all about Japanese bara especially work by Gengoroh Tagame-tho I don’t know all that much about his career. I’m all about people pursuing a career or whatever in a field that some would consider pretty sketchy. I admire anybody who develops crazy skills to create stuff that is so peculiar to an specific audience, and is also super visceral and sincere.

You grew up in Hawaii mostly.  What would you say is most favorite thing about this place you call home?

The natural environment & climate, but mostly the ocean. It’s fertile ground for me to play out my mermaid fantasies.